About Us

Olive Tree Industries Inc. is a Nevada Corporation designed to help and assist inventors and people with concepts and ideas.  They are here to help you bring these ideas and concepts into fruition. Conceived in the heart of Guin D. “Dale” Wolfenbarger after he had tried to bring to pass one of his own ideas, Dale along with his Pastor, Darrell Harrelson, formed a partnership, which later turned into the company that Dale named, “Olive Tree Industries Incorporated.”

With so many invention companies and attorneys all out trying to manipulate and take advantage of great concepts and ideas, they decided to take on this task themselves, to be a help not only to themselves, but also to others in an honest and God-fearing way. The three also decided that Olive Tree Industries would be a company that would be controlled and directed by the leading of The Holy Spirit.

If you feel you have a concept or an idea you believe would to be beneficial to others or if you might be looking for great way to invest in a brand new company with world-wide potential, then Olive Tree Industries Inc. is for you. We are excited to be working with creative minds, and we will work to make your “witty invention’ a tremendous success.

I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.” -Proverbs 8:12